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Jace’s concerns grow about his mental state and turns to Luke for information on his family’s past. Clary and Izzy go after a rogue vampire and Simon hunts for a new apartment. (Guest starring Anna Hopkins, Chai Hansen and David Castro).

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If you watched Shadowhunters this week, you know that Alec (Matthew Daddario) learned a new piece of information about Magnus (Harry Shum, Jr.) – he’s kind of, sort of, a prince!

Alec found out about Magnus’ royal ties after Lorenzo Rey, the new High Warlock of Brooklyn suspected Magnus was working with a demon – his father Asmodeus, aka “the most powerful prince of hell.”

After the reveal, Matthew had some funny commentary about the situation.

“If Magnus’ daddy is a prince, what does that make Magnus? And how can Alec get in on this royalty thing? Alec needs to be a king. King Alec season 6,” he wrote.

Adding later, “Alec is lying that he didn’t get a little intrigued about marrying into royalty. He’s been going through those magazines at the check out aisle. I’ve seen him.”


Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays on Freeform.

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Tuesday’s Shadowhunters (Freeform, 8/7c) introduces Lorenzo Rey as the new High Warlock of Brooklyn — and if he looks like he’s having way too much fun, there’s a good reason.

Javier Muñoz, who portrays the latest thorn in Magnus’ side, was already a huge fan of the show before landing a recurring role. In fact, the actor admits to “totally geeking out” when he first arrived on set. “I was looking at all the different set pieces, being like, ‘Oh, that’s from that episode!’ and ‘I want to go touch this thing!’” he recalls.

Below, Muñoz — best known for succeeding Lin-Manuel Miranda in Broadway’s Hamilton — tells TVLine about his personal road to the Downworld, his character’s “sinister” plans for Magnus, and his fond memories bonding with the cast over their shared love of musical theatre:


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