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Alisha Wainwright chats with Access about “Shadowhunters” Season 3. How will Maia’s pack react to her dating Simon? And, what can fans expect from Maia and Luke this season on the Freeform show? Plus, Alisha dishes on new villain Lilith. “Shadowhunters” airs Tuesdays on Freeform.

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Alisha Wainwright steps out for the2018 ipsy Gen Beauty event over the weekend in Los Angeles.

The Shadowhunters actress joined Jenna OrtegaDeVore LedridgeMonique ColemanOlesya Rulin, and makeup guru Laura Sanchez at the beauty event this weekend.

In a recent interviewAlisha opened up about an underlying storyline that most fans might not have picked up on — acceptance.

“I feel like a lot of stuff happened in season 2, and I think in season 3, you kind of take a step back and see how do you make the day to day work,” she shared.

“It’s less about the stuff that’s happening, the stuff that’s being done to the people, and more about how the people are connecting with each other.”

“[Like], How can we have a relationship when you’re a vampire and I’m a werewolf? In season 2, we never really had to deal with that, but now in season 3 it’s an issue and one that we didn’t really see.”

Alisha adds, “Now we’re trying to deal with making sure everyone accepts us, and again, it’s a way to touch on a theme outside of the show in a non-political way.”

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays on Freeform.

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